Voicemail Box Full 

How often do I send God straight to voicemail?


Lately I have had absolutely no motivation to post on this blog. I’ve just been holding it off, each time telling myself I’ll do it tomorrow; it’s been an endless cycle of procrastination. So I’m about to go to bed when I see my tablet, on which I write these posts, across the room and a single thought rolls through my head:

Jesus is calling. 

And literally, before I can even process my thoughts I hear my own voice saying, “Hi Jesus, it’s Lauren. Can’t answer right now but leave a message.” And I immediately burst into tears when I realized what I was doing. I had just, in a way, subconsciously sent Jesus to voicemail. 

Then it dawned on me that this wasn’t the first time and unfortunately it probably won’t be my last. It’s so easy to just ignore the Holy Spirit and then refer back to the messages when we feel like we need them. However that’s a terrible mentality to go by because the truth is, nothing about Gods plan is random. He doesn’t just call to say hi. If God is trying to talk to you then you need to hear it right then, whether you think you do or not. So my 12 AM epiphany has challenged me to think over this:

How often do I send God straight to voicemail? And when I do answer His calls, do I listen before I speak?

90% Jesus, 10% Me

Every echo of the gospel, and every step someone takes towards Christ, is a reason the angels of Heaven are rejoicing. 

When trying to grow in your faith, it’s a good idea to make short term goals as well as long term goals. If you want to see a glimpse of how I’ve decided to outline and organize my short term goals, check out my post entitled A Bitter-Sweet Truth. In this post I’m going to share my long term goal throughout this blog and throughout my young adult life.

I was at a church in San Antonio called Life Restored Church and the pastor was speaking and right away you could tell he was just animated with Christ. Everything he said resonated with every soul in the room and we were all glued to his every word. I was amazed at first by how passionately and powerfully he spoke. When he finished his talk someone commended him for speaking so well and he replied by telling us that God truly deserves all the glory. He said, “when I speak on stage I’m 90 percent Jesus and only 10 percent me”.

Woah. Imagine having so much Holy Spirit inside of you that everyone who looks at you or hears you speak can’t help but remark how powerful it is. Imagine having so much Holy Spirit in you that when someone compliments you, all the glory truly belongs to God because every word you speak has been crafted by Him. That is what I want. I want to live in a way that speaks life into every stranger I meet. 

I want to be 90 percent Jesus, and 10 percent Lauren. 

Is it going to be easy? No. I’m not perfetct and I know for a fact that I can’t do it alone. Is it going to be worth it? Absolutely. Every echo of the gospel, and every step someone takes towards Christ, is a reason the angels of Heaven are rejoicing